Health and Fitness Add Much To Life

Stress related disease is all too common in our modern world. Countless studies have been done that show the negative effect stress has on our bodies and minds. Complete recovery from injury, whether serious or minor injury, can be affected by stress. 

Our fast pace sometimes keeps us from taking time to relax. It seems that tension could be described as a roadblock to healing.

The Bowen technique stimulates the nervous system and allows it to self regulate. With the movements used, the Bowen technique activates the parasympathetic nervous system and allows the body to recognise the stresses and release tension, thereby removing the "roadblock". 

"It actually activates the body's own ability to heal itself."

 Bowen therapy adjusts, balances and improves the body, both structurally and functionally, utilising the complex mechanisms of the body. Think RESET.

Long life is especially desirable when the following four types of good health are present.

     1. Good physical health
     2. Good psychological health
     3. Good emotional health
     4. Good spiritual health 


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Health and Fitness Add Much To Life

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